The Stays

The stays are complete!

The pattern layout on coutil:

First was seaming the coutil pieces together:

Then sewing on twill tape for bone casings:

I cut, sanded, and tipped the bones to length, and inserted them in the casings. Then I finished the edges with bias tape.

I marked and cut holes for the eyelets – my least favourite job! After inserting the eyelets, I strengthened them by going over them with embroidery floss. It took me HOURS, but it’s pretty so it’s worth it.

An explanation of why I used these materials is here:

The final product is based primarily on this 1780 pattern from Nora Waugh’s Corsets and Crinolines:

Though I based a lightening of the boning off this1776 pattern in the same book:

Some more pictures of the final product:

I was really surprised at how long it took me to complete the stays, and have only now started worrying about my time-line. Onward!


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  1. i am so impressed with your details. i was curious about what type of bones you used. the photos show the lovely attention you gave to your project.

  2. I used light steel bones. The real thing was of course whale bones, and if I was going for complete accuracy on the stays I would have picked much stiffer steal bones. However, the dress is being made for a mannequin, so the stays are there more to create the correct body shape OVER Pollykin than to mold Pollykin in any way. Mannequins can’t be molded the way human bodies can, so it wasn’t necessary to get (more expensive) heavy bones.

    • You may notice, too, that I have had to pad Pollykin’s chest a bit, because there is too dramatic a change from waist to chest in the stays.

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